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10+ years of experience in BI and DWH technologies. Fields of expertise are BI Reporting (MSBI, Microstrategy, Excel, Power BI) , ETL, Data Warehouse, OLAP Cube, MDX etc.

Metric calculation based on selection in Microstrategy

Hello guys, I am back after a long time. I was learning Microstrategy during last one year. So, here I am, writing something on mstr. Today, I am writing about a problem that almost every mstr developer faces. Let’s say, … Continue reading

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What I have learned in the name of unit testing of ETL, DWH, OLAP Cube and MDX

In one of our projects, we ‘somehow’ decided that every part of the system should be ‘unit test’-ed . It was a classical ETL->DWH->Cube project where web dashboard was built to show BI reports from cube (using MDX as reporting … Continue reading

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Common Latest Period in SSAS Cube

Recently I came across a situation where data was being delivered at different times for different countries and client wanted to see data for latest common month in Region/Continent level reports.¬†Data arrive on monthly basis, but it arrives at different … Continue reading

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Slowly Changing Dimension in SSAS Cube

  This is a simple example of SCD (Type-2) in OLAP cube.¬† We have a Dimension table for Employee and their Departments. This dimension is an SCD. One employee worked in different department over the course of time. EmpID is … Continue reading

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5 Tips to avoid running out of space in SQL Server Database

Try to follow these tips. Each of these topics has been explained in different websites. So, I am not going to explain them here. 1. Design Design your database efficiently (normalization, use of foreign keys, getting rid of unnecessary tables, … Continue reading

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Ceiling in MDX

It’s just a simple solution to find ceiling of a measure with help of some string operation. We have a measure called [Measures].[Marks]. Now, we define a calculated measure like below: CREATE MEMBER CURRENTCUBE.[Measures].[CeilingMarks] AS CInt(Mid(cstr([Measures].[Marks]),0,InStr(cstr([Measures].[Marks]),“.”)-1))+1, VISIBLE = 1 ; … Continue reading

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Pre order, Post order, Level order (BFS) traversing with MDX

A tree or hierarchy of my sample cube is being shown below: BFS or Level Order Traversing: with member [Measures].[x] as [Dim Category].[Parent].currentmember.level.ordinal select order(([Dim Category].[Parent].members),[Measures].[x],BASC) on 1 , [Measures].[x] on 0 from SalesCube And, here goes the output: Pre-Order … Continue reading

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