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10+ years of experience in BI and DWH technologies. Fields of expertise are BI Reporting (MSBI, Microstrategy, Excel, Power BI) , ETL, Data Warehouse, OLAP Cube, MDX etc.

Finding common maximum in Power BI

Let’s get straight into the problems. Problem #1 You get country sales data on monthly basis. But, some of the countries i.e. Switzerland and Italy lag the others. Let’s imagine a scenario when all countries latest data (June-2020) has arrived … Continue reading

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Links in Power BI

This is just a compilation of different types of linking mechanisms in Power BI. I have explained them from use case point of view. It’s mainly written for newbies like me who are wondering which linking feature is applicable for … Continue reading

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Non-additive measures with different granularity in Power BI

I have found many articles on web regarding non-additive measures in power BI. But most of them are about inventory-type measures where normal aggregate functions are not suitable for use. However, in real life we often face situations where data … Continue reading

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Restore SQL Server database using SAS from Azure Blob Storage

You need to create a SQL Server credential first to restore a database back up from Azure blob storage. A lot of writings can be found around the web on this. Most of them have used Azure Storage Account to … Continue reading

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Device specific logic in Microstrategy

Sometimes you may need to set device specific logic in your microstrategy documents or reports. For example, some VI charts show different labels or different headers for iPad and you may want to hide them in iPad using a rectangular … Continue reading

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From SQL to Spark

When I started learning spark, I decided to learn it from the other way round. That means, rather than going through a step by step journey, I decided to learn it from BI reporting perspective. I took a table with … Continue reading

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Visual Insight charts inside Microstrategy documents

Microstrategy visual insight has lots of exciting beautiful looking charts. But many of them are not available in documents. You can import them into document following the steps described below. But, do not do this unless you really have to … Continue reading

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Metric calculation based on selection in Microstrategy

Hello guys, I am back after a long time. I was learning Microstrategy during last one year. So, here I am, writing something on mstr. Today, I am writing about a problem that almost every mstr developer faces. Let’s say, … Continue reading

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What I have learned in the name of unit testing of ETL, DWH, OLAP Cube and MDX

In one of our projects, we ‘somehow’ decided that every part of the system should be ‘unit test’-ed . It was a classical ETL->DWH->Cube project where web dashboard was built to show BI reports from cube (using MDX as reporting … Continue reading

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Common Latest Period in SSAS Cube

Recently I came across a situation where data was being delivered at different times for different countries and client wanted to see data for latest common month in Region/Continent level reports. Data arrive on monthly basis, but it arrives at different … Continue reading

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