About myself…

My name is Zahid . I work at IQVIA as Team Lead of Business Intelligence team. I joined IMS Health on 15th April’ 2009 as an MSSQL Database Programmer. In my first year, I was working as the main IT Support of IMS Hergiswil.  My responsibility was to maintain and do enhancements of a large SQL Server based data driven system. So, it was a SQL world there, although I had to do some VBA and .NET programming, too.

Later, I got the opportunity to work with Microsoft SSAS and SSIS and became involved in some data warehouse projects. That is when I started learning the design and development of Analysis Service Cube using SQL Server BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio). After spending almost 6 years in that domain, I got the opportunity to work with Microstrategy. So, I have managed to get some experience on Microstrategy as well.

Although I am based at Dhaka (Bangladesh), I had the opportunity to work at other parts of the world as well.  View my linkedin profile. This blog is just a showcase of my experience in BI and DWH technologies.




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