Device specific logic in Microstrategy

Sometimes you may need to set device specific logic in your microstrategy documents or reports. For example, some VI charts show different labels or different headers for iPad and you may want to hide them in iPad using a rectangular label. Or, you may not want to allow iPad users to click a certain button or link and at the same time you want to allow desktop or notebook users to click that link or button. In these cases, you can use a system prompt called “Mobile ID” to find out if the user is viewing your report from an iPad or from a desktop.

First, create a metric using this system prompt. Just put ?[Mobile ID] in your metric formula.


Let’s say this Metric’s name is “DeviceID”. Now, put this metric in a dataset. When you run this dataset, it should give you user’s mobile device id. When you run this from a PC or notebook, it will give you some default digits – “1234567890123456“.


Now you can use this metric (“DeviceID”) in conditional formatting inside your documents. You need to write something like…

If (DeviceID = 1234567890123456) then hide

else show

Hope it helps. 🙂


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