Visual Insight charts inside Microstrategy documents

Microstrategy visual insight has lots of exciting beautiful looking charts. But many of them are not available in documents. You can import them into document following the steps described below. But, do not do this unless you really have to do it. Because, those imported charts become difficult to maintain inside document. most of the time, if you change any property (or change threshold etc.) that chart turns into a mess. And, you have to import it again.

So, here are the steps to import VI charts into document:

  1. Create your desired chart in a VI dashboard and convert it into a document. Then save that document.
  2. Now open your original document where you want to show the VI chart. Now, click on ‘Layout’ available in Insert menu at top menu bar.


3. Now, you will get a file browser where you have to select the document saved in step 1.

4. Now, that document will be imported into your original document. See ‘Layout’ tab. You now have two tabs. Now, all you have to do is to go to the second tab, copy your VI chart and paste it into your first tab (‘Layout1’).


Caution: Imported layout’s dataset is also imported into your original one. You will not get any notification. Often, it creates mess.

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