Pre order, Post order, Level order (BFS) traversing with MDX

A tree or hierarchy of my sample cube is being shown below:

BFS or Level Order Traversing:

member [Measures].[x]
as [Dim Category].[Parent].currentmember.level.ordinal

order(([Dim Category].[Parent].members),[Measures].[x],BASC)
on 1 ,
[Measures].[x] on 0
from SalesCube
And, here goes the output:

Pre-Order traversing:
By default, traversing in MDX is always in pre-order.
select [Dim Category].[Parent].members
on 1 ,
[Measures].[Sales] on 0
from SalesCube

Post-Order Traversing:
Using “Hierarchize” function, with parameter “POST”
hierarchize([Dim Category].[Parent].members,post)
on 1 ,
[Measures].[Sales] on 0
from SalesCube

About Zahid

10+ years of experience in BI and DWH technologies. Fields of expertise are BI Reporting (MSBI, Microstrategy, Excel, Power BI) , ETL, Data Warehouse, OLAP Cube, MDX etc.
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