SQL Server Agent needs to Log on As Local System for using Oracle Oledb Provider in SSIS Job

This problem was one of the most terrible one in my short SSIS career. I was using a script task which uses Oracle Oledb provider to connect to an oracle server. After the package was complete, I created a SQL server job and obviously the job’s step was configured to run from SQL Server Agent Service account. When, I started the job , it was hanging forever. There was no error message, no failure…nothing. The job simply hangs forever. I was fortunate enough to find out the solution. I went to the SQL server configuration manager. I went to the properties of SQL Server Agent and this service was logged on as a domain user account. I decided to run the job using the built-in account and chose “Local System” from the dropdown list of available built-in accounts. This time the job finished in time. It seems to be a permission/right problem as the job was trying to use a provider. Often, when an SSIS script cannot access configuration file or any other external resource due to permission problem, it hangs forever. May be, this was the case for my provider also.

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