Measures Disappear in Local/Offline Cube

When u make a local cube from a server cube by executing the “Create Global Cube” statement, u often face a problem when a calculated measure does not show up in the local/offline cube. Whenever it happens, check out if you are suffering from the following reasons:

  • The calculated measure is using another measure inside the calculation and that measure is not defined earlier. In the MDX script, the measure which is being used in the calculation must be placed before you start writing the new measure that uses it. 
  • Sometimes, we write a default value for the calculated measure. For example, “N/A”, “Undefined” etc. In this case, the measure, although will appear in the server cube but will not show up in the local/offline cube.
  • Measures using DistinctCount function will not work in the local/offline cube. May not appear, too.

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